News Team



Going live in 5…4…3…2..1..

If you are interested in journalism, media production or design then we want you to be part of our Dromana College news team.
This Enhancement Program focuses on exploring and developing skills in news journalism, design and broadcasting. Designed for students of all year levels and abilities, the team will work collaboratively within and between specialist teams, from the researching and writing of news stories all the way to the final cut distributed to the public.

The variety of specialist teams include:

  • Journalist, News anchors and reporters
  • Editing and special effects
  • Sound engineer and lighting technicians
  • Costume, set up and visual designers

Cost includes:

  • Access to cameras and other media equipment such as green screens, tripods etc
  • Access to the Mac Lab and Editing programs
  • Sound and lighting equipment
  Timetabled class Cost Location


Year 7 – 8


3.15pm – 4.15pm  $100 per Semester D8