Athletics Program

The introduction of an Athletics Squad has been a resounding success and Dromana College formalised the Athletics Squad as an Enhancement Program.

The Athletics Squad aims to:

  • Engage students in physical activity as a way to promote healthy lifestyles, relationships and mental health.
  • Give students access to specialised coaching across a range of athletic disciplines and, as a consequence, improve student’s performance.
  • Provide students with opportunities to access external resources within the field of athletics.
  • Cater to students of all abilities.
  • Give students an awareness of the importance of inclusiveness.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to experience elite level training, strength and conditioning and to use this as a means to build persistence, resilience and confidence.

The Athletics Squad trains twice a week in the morning before school. The Athletics Squad caters to all ability levels and we do not limit the number of spaces available. If more students want to participate in the program then Dromana College is committed to running extra sessions and employing extra coaches to meet this demand to ensure that any child who wishes to participate is able to do so.

  Timetabled Class Cost Location
Year 7-12

Tuesday and Wednesday

7:15am – 8:15am

$100 per semester

Dromana College Gym / Oval /

Multipurpose Courts

The program focusses on exposing students to specialist coaching in the areas of:
• Sprinting
• Cross Country
• High Jump
• Long Jump/Triple Jump
• Relay Running
• Discus
• Shot Put
• Javelin

We also incorporate a number of additional excursions for squad members to encompass activities such as:
• Excursions to cross country events to compete with other schools
• Victorian Institute of Sport and other professional sporting organisations training facilities

Cost includes
• Athletics Squad polo top
• Bus Travel to and from Athletics Squad events
• Access to specialist coaches and coaching by Athletics Victoria Accredited Coaches
• Breakfast Club 8.15-8.45am