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Years 7 – 12

The AFL Program is a partnership between Dromana College and our local junior football clubs. Dromana College Gymnasium

The Program takes place every Thursday morning from 7:15am – 8:15am. Cost: $120

Timetabled Class Cost Location
Year 7-12 To be Confirmed

Term 2 and 3

$60 per Term Dromana College Gymnasium

The AFL Program aims to:
• Engage students in physical activity as a way to promote healthy lifestyles,       relationships and mental health.
• Give students access to specialised AFL coaching and, as a consequence, improve student’s performance
• Provide students with opportunities to access external resources within the field of AFL.
• Cater to students of all abilities and all age groups, including both boys and girls
• Provide students with the opportunity to experience elite level training, strength and conditioning and to use this as a means to build persistence, resilience and confidence
• Give students an awareness of the importance of inclusiveness
• Access to specialist coaches and coaching
• Breakfast club

The AFL Program caters to all ability levels and we do not limit the number of spaces available. If more students want to participate in the program then Dromana College are committed to running extra sessions and employing extra coaches to meet this demand and to ensure that any child who wishes to participate is able to.

Students will be split into different groups based on their needs. For example the focus for Senior students will be more on strength and conditioning, whilst for junior students the focus will be more on skill development and fitness. Given the program runs during the season, there will also be a focus on recovery and injury prevention.