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Our Aerobics Program at Dromana College challenges the student’s coordination and fitness through a supportive environment. We follow the Sports Aerobics competitions run by FISAF Australia, competing in their June competition with successful students qualifying for Nationals in Brisbane.

Students are required to attend regular training sessions in order to improve their fitness levels and learn the choreography. Sports Aerobics and fitness originates from traditional aerobics whilst also combining fitness and dance with the ability to perform skill elements and movement patterns with music at a high intensity. Sport Aerobics is an inclusive sport that is suitable for boys and girls of all ages abilities. At Dromana College we cater for varying abilities with the aim of teaching our youth that exercise, fitness, team spirit, self pride and fun, should be a way of life

  Timetabled Class Cost Location
Year 9 – 12


Tuesday (Choreography)
Advanced: 3.15pm – 4.30pm
$120 per semester  Dance Studio
Thursday (Choreography)
7am-8am (All students)
(*Advanced Years 9-12)
Dance Studio

Aerobics Program Fees: $120 per semester (due to recent price increases)

Which includes:

  • Hire of a team leotard and hair accessories for competition.
  • Specialist coaches and coaching.
  • Video’s of routines and photos from Nationals (if successful)
  • Registration and entry fee into State Competitions (held on weekends in Hampton Park in the month of May and/or June)
  • Membership fee for FISAF
  • Breakfast club 8.15-8.45am

If the team, solo, duo or trio is successful at State Finals, additional costs will occur as Nationals are held in Brisbane.