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Dromana College utilises Mindfulness techniques to support student learning.  Students learn techniques within the Health and Pastoral curriculum, and staff are supported in teaching these strategies. 

Opportunities are utilised in the school day for students to gain a calm and centred focus integral to effective learning that is supported by research.

Students may also be taught to use Mindfulness tools by the Wellbeing team to support positive behaviours or manage common issues like stress and anxiety.

Research also supports Mindfulness practise in schools by helping students in:

  •  Dealing with heightened emotions, including anger
  •  Improve their learning ability through greater focus
  •  Managing conflict with others
  •  Elevate the levels of student engagement in the classroom and during study at home

Mindfulness can be seen as ‘fitness for the mind’.  Along with other techniques such as meditation and relaxation, it provides an important tool for maintaining wellbeing and positive mental health.  The methods are simple and effective ways of using the mind more skilfully in daily life. 

Interested parents may access Mindfulness programs/courses on the Mornington Peninsula by visiting the Peninsula Mindfulness and Meditation website:

Visit the Smiling Mind website for Mindfulness, Meditation, and Relaxation techniques online at:

Reduce stress and improve brain performance for effective learning