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The student leaders in the Dromana College Green Team are dedicated to seeing changes occur in our world, both at our back door and the wide world beyond. The Green Team is made up of a group of students from all year levels at the college, who give up their Tuesday lunchtimes to meet and plan projects that will benefit the school community, our environment and our understanding of how each of us can ‘be the change we want to see in the world’.

Working as an enthusiastic team they plan Schools Clean Up Day, National Tree Planting Day, 40 Hour Famine, student leadership events, involvement in The Briars Environment Week and much more.

The school’s kitchen garden, The Green Spot, is maintained and improved upon by Year 9 students working within the ‘Outdoor Classroom’ workshop elective and this is just another feature of the sustainability embedded in both the curriculum and the extra-curricular activities at the college.

There has been a fantastic increase in participation and enthusiasm in the Green Team over the past few years as our numbers have swelled with students willing to give up Tuesday lunchtimes to work on our environmental and community projects. One of the projects currently under way is the Recreational Trail that is being built to circumnavigate the school’s beautiful grounds with a multi-purpose track. Students themselves are building this track and they aim to have it smooth enough for wheel-chair access. The trail also includes the path between our school and the Peninsula Special Development School. 

‘The Green Spot’ School Garden has had a spectacular year of growth and use. The vegetables and herbs have been enjoyed in many ‘garden to plate’ adventures as well as going home with happy students and staff. Over first term, the Outdoor Classroom students have worked hard, planting, painting, weeding, mulching and building. The orchard and deciduous trees are growing quickly and will eventually provide some beautiful shady areas during those hotter months. 

Solar Panels! We are very excited to announce that Dromana College has been successful in receiving a grant from the National Solar Schools Program. Solar panels have been installed and we are starting to use exciting new software in classes that will enable students to work with real-time effects and savings from these panels in their math, science and humanities subjects. 

National Tree Planting Day has been an event of significance on the college calendar for years now and we have big plans for the planting of 800 trees in the cooler months. The Green Team will help to organize and run this event as well as the 40-Hour Famine, which is our fund-raising focus for the year. This team of committed and generous student leaders is an inspiring part of the school community.