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Junior Production
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Cellular Processes, Genetics and Chemical Bonding

The Year 10 Biology and Chemistry subject is designed for any students that are thinking of selecting one or both of Chemistry or Biology in VCE. The course is delivered via a mix of challenging practical activities and theoretical coursework that will provide you with the knowledge and understanding required for VCE. The topics you will study include the cellular processes that keep organisms’ alive, how traits are inherited through generations, chemical bonding and the various types of chemical reactions

This subject is essential if you plan to continue with Biology or Chemistry in VCE.


Dance Club is for performers of any level to develop and sustain their craft. The Dromana Dance Club is committed to providing excellence and aims to create young dancers who balance Dance with emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. The Dance Club carefully designed progressive education structure takes participants from their first steps to VCE standard. If you are an emerging talent in dance or already an extremely talented performer our classes in jazz, contemporary, hip hop, musical theatre and ballet will cater for the interests and needs of dancers of all ages; beginners through to advanced.
The Dance Club will also be participating in performances throughout the year.

Access to Programs


Timetabled class




7:30am – 8:30am  -  Different Genre

$120 per semester (uniform included)

Dromana College Dance Studio


3:15pm – 4:30pm  -  Dance Fitness class


Dance Club Fees

The cost of participating in the Dance Club is $120 per semester and includes:

  • Each member of the team will receive a team uniform
  • Access to specialist coaches and coaching
  • Breakfast Club 8.15-8.45am (Tuesdays)
  • Registration is open to Year 7-9 students in 2018.

For further information please contact Jenni Johnson or 5987-2805

Genres Covered

Ballet is the foundation of all other styles of modern dance. Ballet is all about grace, strength and control. The techniques learnt in Ballet class are essential for all dancers, even if your specialty is Hip Hop. Students that do Ballet will see improvement in all their other classes too. Ballet is where students learn about the discipline of dance and focus on developing and strengthening their technique.
Contemporary Dance
Contemporary dance is an uncompromising dance style that is rigorous and athletic.  It draws from classical and modern dance styles and is expressive and diverse in content.  A contemporary dancer develops a deep understanding of a dancer’s centre, body articulation and weight initiation.  Contemporary dancers work ‘off centre’ and make use of contorted and unusual lines and shapes.  Contemporary dancers develop an appreciation for the heightened use of dynamics, weight, falling, recovery and release techniques.  The study of Contemporary dance will increase a dancer’s knowledge and understanding of body mechanics and body efficiency and give you a feeling of freedom and is often performed in bare feet.
Hip Hop
A high energy, freestyle form of dance often seen in popular film clips incorporating funk, break dance, jazz and all the latest moves.  It’s a popular form that continues to evolve but always has a strong musicality, rhythm and pulse.
Jazz is popular high-energy dance styles that affords you with flexibility, strength and cardio vascular training as well as teach you the basic vocabulary of kicks, turns, leaps, isolations and combinations.  Jazz will develop your rhythmical awareness and develop your body co-ordination.  Jazz also teaches students about focus, projection and presentation skills.  It’s a fun and enjoyable dance style that continues to develop and you will enjoy learning the latest moves set to popular music.
Pilates is fast becoming a popular and trusted system of exercise to encourage fitness and well-being.  It is a gentle yet effective exercise program that develops your core muscles and overall posture.  The benefits of Pilates include developing lean and strong muscles, improving your balance, better circulation and a calm mind with increased focus and confidence.  Dance students are encouraged to attend afternoon Pilates classes that are dance specific, meaning that the exercises will be tailored towards increasing student’s strength and flexibility. These classes will improve control demands of dancing.
Cheer is the performance of athletic skills, jumps, dance and/or chanting to gain a response from spectators at an event, whether in support of a sports team or simply to score points in a competition. Students improve flexibility, strength, teamwork and coordination through various stunting and tumbling activities done in Cheer.  





The International Student Program at Dromana College provides an opportunity for developing cultural exchange and awareness. Dromana College offers its international students a broad and interesting curriculum which is tailored to suit their needs and interests and is delivered by our highly committed and qualified staff. We are also proud of our extra curricula activities including sports, music and performance which further enhance the educational experience of our International students.

Dromana College has put in place various procedures and programs to assist overseas students from the time they arrive in Australia and all aspects of the program are closely monitored by our International Student Coordinator. These include regular meetings with students, host families and agents to ensure that student academic and welfare needs are being met.

International students are enrolled into mainstream classes with other members of their cohort, except for English as a Second Language classes. There is a broad elective program from which students can select subjects that they are interested in.

The role of the International Student Coordinator is to liaise with the students and the International Division of the Victorian Department of Education, the school, English Language Centre and the Victorian School of Languages. The Assistant Principal oversees the program and works closely with the Coordinator.

Dromana College offers an idyllic setting on the Southern Mornington Peninsula in which International students can enjoy a unique educational and cultural experience.

For more information regarding the International Student Program please contact:

Theresa Stelling 
International Student Coordinator 
03 5987 2805  (W) 
0419 502 081    (M)


The student leaders in the Dromana College Green Team are dedicated to seeing changes occur in our world, both at our back door and the wide world beyond. The Green Team is made up of a group of students from all year levels at the college, who give up their Tuesday lunchtimes to meet and plan projects that will benefit the school community, our environment and our understanding of how each of us can ‘be the change we want to see in the world’.

Working as an enthusiastic team they plan Schools Clean Up Day, National Tree Planting Day, 40 Hour Famine, student leadership events, involvement in The Briars Environment Week and much more.

The school’s kitchen garden, The Green Spot, is maintained and improved upon by Year 9 students working within the ‘Outdoor Classroom’ workshop elective and this is just another feature of the sustainability embedded in both the curriculum and the extra-curricular activities at the college.

There has been a fantastic increase in participation and enthusiasm in the Green Team over the past few years as our numbers have swelled with students willing to give up Tuesday lunchtimes to work on our environmental and community projects. One of the projects currently under way is the Recreational Trail that is being built to circumnavigate the school’s beautiful grounds with a multi-purpose track. Students themselves are building this track and they aim to have it smooth enough for wheel-chair access. The trail also includes the path between our school and the Peninsula Special Development School. 

‘The Green Spot’ School Garden has had a spectacular year of growth and use. The vegetables and herbs have been enjoyed in many ‘garden to plate’ adventures as well as going home with happy students and staff. Over first term, the Outdoor Classroom students have worked hard, planting, painting, weeding, mulching and building. The orchard and deciduous trees are growing quickly and will eventually provide some beautiful shady areas during those hotter months. 

Solar Panels! We are very excited to announce that Dromana College has been successful in receiving a grant from the National Solar Schools Program. Solar panels have been installed and we are starting to use exciting new software in classes that will enable students to work with real-time effects and savings from these panels in their math, science and humanities subjects. 

National Tree Planting Day has been an event of significance on the college calendar for years now and we have big plans for the planting of 800 trees in the cooler months. The Green Team will help to organize and run this event as well as the 40-Hour Famine, which is our fund-raising focus for the year. This team of committed and generous student leaders is an inspiring part of the school community.


At Dromana College we continuously nurture the talents of our aspiring sportsmen and women. School sport provides students with the opportunity to make new friends, work in a team as well as enjoy themselves by participating in competitions.

Dromana College competes vigorously in all sports. While we strive for victory and regularly achieve at state level student participation and enjoyment is even more important. All students can enjoy sports such as athletics, equestrian, football, cricket, hockey, basketball, table tennis, badminton, swimming, cross country, and tennis.

 The excellent results each year are the direct consequence of the enthusiasm of our students, the efforts of our coaches and the outstanding facilities of the school. The location of the college offers students the opportunity to participate in a range of other sports and recreational pursuits including surfing, equestrian and golf.

Participation in sport within any school framework is, and will always be integral to the whole education process.


Our intra college sports are structured around a house system, where students represent and compete for their house in the major sporting carnivals. Each student at Dromana College is allocated one of our four house colours:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Gold

Three annual house events are run throughout the year: swimming, cross country and athletics. The results from these carnivals form our division teams.

The annual Athletics Carnival is held in Term 2 each year at Ballam Park in Frankston


The annual Swimming Carnival is held in February when the college is abuzz with excitement. An entire day of classes is given up for the annual swimming carnival. Swapping our summer dress, shorts and shirts for sporty colored clothes we all take to the pool for swimming, sliding and cheering. The Pines Forest Swim Centre had never seen such an athletic team! The action never stops as the staff keep events moving.

Many blue ribbons are won – the winners are grinners! Others enjoy participating for fun, cheering and taking in the warm summer sun. The cross country is the only carnival held at school. Each and every student completes the 2.2km course.

The Dromana College Cycling Program teaches students valuable skills and knowledge about cycling and racing, improves student levels of fitness and engenders positive experiences. The students undergo an extensive training regime tailored for the individual needs and are required to maintain detailed training logs containing information such as duration, intensity and effort using technology such as heart rate monitors, ergo trainers and computer controlled power output monitors.
The students also study the different dietary requirements for training, endurance and racing. Other areas of study include the human body with regards to growth, muscle development and injury prevention, navigational skills, environmental awareness and riding skills.
The cycling team participates in various events across Australia including the Australian National Mountain Bike Series, Human Powered Vehicle RACV Energy Breakthrough challenge in Maryborough and many local events.


Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
Cricket Soccer Basketball Equestrian
Tennis Badminton Table Tennis HPV
Golf Football Futsal Cycling
Volleyball Netball Hockey Surfing
Softball Cross Country Athletics Aerobics / Cheerleading
Baseball Athletics